House Poll #4 – Front Door

We are nearing the completion of the exterior design and are now down to the details. A wise man once told me “the magic is in the details”, so areas like the front door can be what sets the exterior apart.

So far we have determined that we’ll be using a charred wood siding and a copper roof. The copper was provided by and has arrived! This is the first of the house supplies to hit and it will be one of the focal points of the exterior.

The nice delivery man had no way of unloading the pallet… He decided to take advantage of the opportunity to show off his guns by unloading each of the 50 lb rolls by hand (my sister-in-law Beth was impressed!).

Now for the front door poll! Though it’s a small part of the exterior, the front door is important and sets the vibe for guests as they enter. Review the options below and vote for your favorite!

A. Wood with a large single glass piece – natural wood

B. Wood with a large single glass piece – painted wood

brittany's fencl

C. Wood with multiple glass pieces – natural wood

D. Wood with multiple glass pieces – painted wood

E. Solid wood door with natural wood

F. Solid wood door with pained wood

E. Solid wood door with charred wood


G. Wild Card


House Poll #3 – Roofing Material / Skylight

Welcome to poll #3 – Roofing Material / Skylight! Below are the roofing options and as always, we want your suggestions and feedback! Last week was the siding poll and we have decided to go with a charred wood siding, with the likelihood of adding a secondary material for additional character.

We will soon have a good idea of what the exterior of the house will look like! The picture below is of a Tumbleweed Cyprus 24 tiny house. My house is based off of this model and has the same trailer and size (24′ x 8.5′). We will be making customizations throughout but this gives you a general idea of what the house will look like. I will also have the dormers in the back and the pitch roof in the front. You can picture this with a charred wood siding and then vote for the best roof to go with it.


This video is by Joe from Long Story Short House. It’s a tutorial on the charred wood siding for his tiny house. I’m undecided on how dark of a char we will use but wanted to share this as a good example. We’ll also need to determine what material to mix in and where to incorporate it in the siding. Let me know what you think!

Video tour compliments of

A. Standing Seam Metal Roof

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B. Corrugated Metal Roof

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C. Copper Roof

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D. Onduvilla 3D Shingle Roofing System

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E. Green Roof

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Now for the Skylight Poll. Vote for your preferred skylight locations!



House Poll #2 – House Siding

Alright folks, its time for poll #2! We had great participation with the interior layout poll and option B ended as the heavy favorite. I have gathered everyone’s feedback and created an option E that I am considering and the decision will come down to one of those two. More to come on that later.

This poll is for another important aspect of the house and is for the exterior house siding. As usual, we’d like all to weigh in with your opinions and vote!

A. Hot Rolled Steel (COR-TON, Weathering Steel)

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 B. Charred Wood (Shou Sugi Ban)

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C. Standard Wood

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D. Painted Wood

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E. Wood Shingles

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F. Copper

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 G. Reclaimed Barn Wood

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H. Wild Card – Combo of materials – leave comment with idea

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Planning – Where to Start?

Video tour compliments of

You’ve decided to consider tiny house living, so where do you begin?

I was watching a pilot for a new show on HGTV called “Tiny House, Big Living” that had two episodes that peaked my interest. One of which was the build by Jenna & Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey” and the other was a home built by Greg, from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

The Tiny House Giant Journey house was built by the owners with the help of some friends. It was custom designed and really opened my eyes as to what could be accomplished with minimal experience. The logical next step was to start doing research.

Where to start? The internet, of course!

I had already forgotten the name of Jenna and Guillaume’s project, but I did remember Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, so I took a visit to the web site. It was there that I began to learn that a lot of tiny house sites do a great job of providing links to other tiny house resources.

Find a good and informative site and use their provided links and resources. Keep doing so and you will come across the internet’s mecca of tiny house information.

One of the listed links was for Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. This was a very informative site and is where I found a link to the Tiny House Giant Journey project. From there it was all about spending time bouncing between sites and learning as much as possible. I also utilized Twitter to cross reference new sources.

After spending countless hours getting information on tiny homes I was ready to take it to the next step. I was now committed to pursuing this and felt I had the necessary knowledge to start planning my own house.

What next? More planning… And another Poll!

House Poll #1 – Interior Layout

Welcome to our first poll! We will post several polls throughout the build process and want your votes! We will strongly consider the highest vote on each poll and want your input on the design of the house.

This poll is a big one and is for the inside layout of the house.  These are the four options, with a few potential customizations to come. Review the layouts on these high tech blueprints and vote for your favorite!

Option A

Option A

Option B

photo 2(4)

Option C

photo 3(1)

Option D

photo 4(1)


The Beginning

tumbletrailer picAnd it begins…

I had heard about the tiny house movement and seen them on TV and thought to my self, “Those are cool, but not for me. I need TV to watch sports, a washer and drier, warm showers, and other amenities.” I did, however understand that I used much more space than I needed and downsizing would make a lot of sense. My 1400 sq ft. rental was loaded with unused space and I was looking to make make a change.

My options were limited to moving into another rental in Colorado or make the bigger, riskier, yet more rewarding move and head to the far Northwest, the great state of Washington.

Washington weighed heavy on my mind, but if that would be my decision, I had to figure out a possible living situation. It would require finding a new job, so the financial situation is risky and the cost of living is high. After much thought and contemplation, it finally came to me. I will say goodbye to rent, move to Washington and build a tiny house! Not just any tiny house, but one that would suit all of my needs and most of my wants.

I informed my brother and sister-in-law of my interest, and they were gracious enough to offer me a place to stay and build the house. The decision was made! It then came down to the logistics of the move, which is not much fun, and the planning of the house, which I have enjoyed. I now have very rough drafts of plans and will continue searching for new ideas.

My brother has offered to help with the build and we plan on doing the entire project ourselves (well, as much as possible). We have no building experience and no real reason to think we are capable of such a project. Especially since I seem to have difficult and labor intensive ideas. We did used to be damn good Swimming Pool Technicians (pool boys), so I think that may be a sign that building is a hidden talent?… Our dad is handy so maybe that’s hereditary?… It’s time to find out.

Stay tuned for pictures and videos of each step of the build, from the planning process and the move, all the way to final product. I hope you will follow and provide feedback along the way!